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    More Than a Soup Kitchen!

    St. Patrick Center in St. Louis presents a new podcast, More Than A Soup Kitchen, sharing stories of how clients overcome #homelessness and other life barriers. Listen to stories of resilient and dedicated people who experience and are a part of the St. Patrick Center family. #workforcedevelopment #endhomelessness #restorativecare #makingcommunitiesstronger#atthecenterofchange

    More Than a Soup Kitchen

    At St. Patrick Center we have a multitude of restorative programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of our more than 3,000 clients. Through conversations with staff, clients & others, you will hear more about the programs and services that help our clients along their journey. You will also hear inspiring stories of overcoming homelessness and other life barriers. So, come join us as we highlight the many ways St. Patrick Center is Transforming Lives in our community.


    Welcome to St. Patrick Center’s More Than a Soup Kitchen podcast!

    Meeting with Congresswoman Cori Bush

    Congresswoman Cori Bush visited St. Patrick Center in St. Louis, Missouri demonstrating her support for St. Louis unhoused neighbors and learning about the workforce development efforts that have been developed to help people achieve independence through housing and sustainable and meaningful employment.

    Basia Skudrzyk is the Founder and CEO of World Wide Smart Beauty. Great branding knows no borders. Our global perspective ensures brand experiences that never get lost in translation. World Wide Smart Beauty; a beauty and brand consulting company focused on providing premier and high quality services to buyers and clients in the beauty brand, education and wellness industry. Guiding change and inspiring confidence together with clients to make remarkable impact. We feel beautiful together.


    World Wide Smart Beauty believes that extraordinary times require extraordinary brands. Through the power of branding and design, distinctive brands are elevated to create meaningful, memorable and successful experiences, placing people at the center of the brand experience to drive behavioral change, connect and deliver authentic impact.


    The strój Krakowski (Kraków costume) is a favorite among the various regional costumes of Poland. It has come to symbolize the traditional costume of Poland. Women wear white shirts with broad sleeves and collars decorated with lace, colorful vests with sequins and hand-crafted rich embroidery, strings of coral beads, flowery skirts in bold patterns, partly covered with white lace aprons, and wreaths of flowers with multi-colored ribbons in their braided hair. Featuring two of the sweetest and most loved young ladies that carry on our strong Polish heritage.

    Pacaya Volcano - Guatemala

    Definitely a bucket list item! Just like skiing and mountaineering are a part of the culture of the Swiss Alps, volcano hiking is a huge part of the culture in Guatemala. The country has 37 officially named volcanoes—three of which that are still active. It is not uncommon to be driving by one of these in the distance and seeing a puff of smoke pop out from its peak.

    Meeting at the European Solidarity Centre - Gdansk, Poland

    Special Guest: Former President & Activist Leader, Lech Walesa

    It is a museum that commemorates the revolution of Solidarity and the fall of communism in Europe, but it is also an educational, research and academic center, an archive, library and multimedia library focused on solidarity and citizenship put into practice.

    Global Health Week - Ladue News

    Feature Guest: Dr. Alfredo Palacio, former president and health minister of Ecuador helps kick off the Global Health Scholars program at Washington University School of Medicine in the Division of Medical Education led by Basia Skudrzyk, MBA and a team of multi-disciplinary leaders from the St. Louis community and international sectors.

    Ambulance Donation to Guatemala - Global Health Scholars

    INCAN, the only cancer hospital institute in all of Guatemala specializing in breast cancer research and oncological care to the indigenous, received a refurbished ambulance through a multi-disciplinary effort and collaboration with the Global Health Scholars program, Washington University School of Engineering and partners to provide opportunities for at home wellness and prevention visits to underserved patients.

    Meeting with the St. Louis Cardinals

    The St. Louis Cardinals are dedicated to the St. Louis community and to improving health globally. Had the amazing opportunity to meet some of our favorite and inspirational team members/11-time World Series champs who support global health education, research and outreach. #YadierMolina


    Global Health Day is an official day in St. Louis, Missouri

    A Proclamation was presented by the City of St. Louis to recognize the importance of global health education and how health and wellness connects all people together. Basia Skudrzyk and Sara Bollinger formerly registered Global Health Day with the City of St. Louis Mayor's Office to celebrate Global Health Education in the month of September which kicked off Global Health Week annually at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.


    Global Health Opportunities - Office of Diversity Programs

    Meeting with IGSS in Guatemala

    The Nephrology Unit of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute was visited by an outstanding team of doctors and global health leaders from the Sister Renal Center Program of the International Society of Nephrology. This is a program of exchange of renal centers that allows the relationship between the doctors of the IGSS (Postgraduate of Nephrology of the USAC) and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

    Global Health Opportunities

    Each spring, WUSM Global Health and Medicine hosts a Global Health Symposium that not only provides the opportunity to hear from an expert in the area of international health care, but from medical students, trainees and staff who have done rotations abroad. Sharing experiences globally and locally from multi-disciplinary lenses, help close the gap and provide opportunities for meaningful education.

    Meeting with Former President Bill Clinton

    Former President Bill Clinton visited St. Louis, Missouri at the Chase Park Plaza to help support Senator Claire McCaskill who was running for Senate office at that time and won the seat.