During some point in your career, there may be an opportunity to consider hiring an executive coach personally or for your organization. Basia is focused on helping organizations improve their workplace culture. With 25+ years of experience, Basia Skudrzyk can help identify strengths and opportunities that will improve systems and enhance efficiencies. Clients include NASA, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Miraculum, Jobs for the Future, Imperial College in London and many organizations focused on workforce development, education and elevating their brand.


    Basia Skudrzyk is a highly seasoned business development and workforce executive. Her degrees in business administration, marketing, organizational behavior and international public relations support her passion and drive to develop strong narratives and branding. Basia Skudrzyk partners with clients and organizations who are based in and outside of the United States.


    As an executive coach and brand consultant, Basia Skudrzyk has experience delivering strategic business impact in multiple industries including workforce development, supply chain, education, reentry, DEI, manufacturing, beauty/health/wellness, healthcare and hospitality. Her goal is to help clients close gaps between where they are and where they truly want to be. Basia Skudrzyk is the Founder and CEO of World Wide Smart Beauty, a marketing and brand expert consulting company that helps organizations drive innovation and elevate their mission and identity forward.


    Basia serves as a senior faculty expert at the University of Maryland, working with colleagues on the NASA Acres Program . This program allows leading scientists, researchers and farmers to enable and advance adoption of satellite Earth observations by public and private organizations to benefit food security, agriculture, and human and environmental resiliency in the US and worldwide.


    Multilingual, resilient, tenacious, positive and family oriented. Basia Skudrzyk sang for Pope John Paul II during his visit to St. Louis, Missouri. #1 fan to two incredibly smart daughters who love soccer, lacrosse and fun-loving labradoodles and (most recently a berniedoodle). Travel, music, culture, skiing, reading and cooking are favorite interests. Relentlessly curious and energized by creating, growing & inspiring. Connector.


    Professional CV

    Academic CV


    St. Louis Business Journal’s “40 under 40” Award. Graduate of the FOCUS “CORO Women in Leadership” 


    Expertise includes:

    Global Program/Event Management - Branding/Marketing Communications - Business Development - Consulting


    Workforce Development - Education - Supply Chain Risk & Resilience - Keynote Speaker/Public Speaking - Lean Six Sigma - Equity/Diversity/Inclusion (EDI) - Food Security


    Basia Skudrzyk's Advice: “I believe my clients have the answers within them. My role is to help uncover peoples’ wisdom through questions, challenges, and mentoring as they experiment with new ways of living in their daily lives. When selecting a coach, go with someone you feel a connection with – listen to your gut and intuition. Choose someone who points you in directions that lead to new perspectives and encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone. That is where you’ll find meaningful change and growth.”

  • One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

    -Frank Smith

  • Education

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    2022 - current

    Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    Concentration: Supply Chain Risk & Resilience


    A doctorate in business prepares a person to conduct applied research in specific business disciplines, allowing one to pursue advanced career opportunities with research-oriented consulting positions.


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    Diversity & Inclusion Certification

    • Improving Engagement
    • Counteracting Unconscious Bias
    • Diversity and Inclusion at Work
    • Fostering an Inclusive Environment
    • Diversity and Inclusion Symposium
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    Masters in Business Administration & Marketing

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    Bachelor of Science, Organizational Behavior

    Minor, Marketing & Business Administration

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    Bachelor of Science, Pre-Dental

  • Development

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    April 2023 - current

    Senior Faculty Specialist

    Program Coordinator


    NASA Acres Consortium is NASA’s U.S. focused agriculture and food security program element established in March 2023. NASA Acres focuses on applying satellite Earth observation (EO) information to the most pressing agricultural and food security challenges facing U.S. farmers, ranchers, and agrifood system stakeholders. NASA Acres works with people across the agriculture sector to develop EO-based data and tools that strengthen U.S. agriculture.

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    September 2021

    Founder & CEO

    Great branding knows no borders. Our global perspective ensures brand experiences that never get lost in translation.


    World Wide Smart Beauty is a marketing and brand consulting company focused on supporting clients in the beauty brand, education and workforce development industry. We guide change and inspire confidence together with clients based on instrumental research to support critical decisions. We are driven to create brands that are both brilliant and beautiful. Our process of creation is multifaceted. We build brands with purpose, brands that impact the lives of millions, and brands that last.

    We feel beautiful together.

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    September 2021 - current

    P2P, Workforce Equity Director

    The P2P approach is about transformation. We go beyond a program and enact genuine social change within an organization's culture.

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    August 2020 - October 2022

    Workforce Development Case Manager

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    May 2021 - current

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    May 2021 - current

    Steering Committee, Member

    Communications Committee, Member

    Executive Committee, Director

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    August 2020 - September 2021

    Director of Business Development

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    May 2012


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    May 2010 - current


  • Professional Experience

    Creative and intuitive with a proven record of generating and building relationships nationally and globally, managing projects from concept to completion, designing educational strategies, and coaching individuals to success.

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    @basiaskudrzyk (Twitter)

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