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Attack with Enthusiasm

Basia Skudrzyk

· leadership,mentorship,career,motivation,strategy

Another 24 hour day is coming to an end with a 36 hour allocation of work to be done.   How can this possibly sound exciting? This morning I grab my i-Phone and do what many people do....swipe and search for the latest news and feeds.  What's on LinkedIn.... Twitter.... Instagram....?  I keep scrolling and get distracted as my dogs are looking at me seriously in the eye.  They are ready to go outside.  So... we go outside and I look back at my phone and I am searching for some inspiration as I enjoy my first cup of coffee.   I come across something that really spoke to me today.  Of course it has to be Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine!  Apparently Jason was in battle mode and I was ready to take in the energy from his enthusiastic action.  

"When we go up against challenges, we may feel in battle mode.  But let's not forget:  When we attack, we should attack with enthusiasm."

Absolutely loved this wisdom on a Thursday morning right before the weekend hits.  I see my dogs enthusiastically barking with the neighbor dogs.  Not necessarily fight mode, but perhaps a kick-off to how the days is going to roll.  The journey of life certainly has its ups and downs.  I continue reading Jason't blog and every single word seriously resonates:   "After all, what is the point of accomplishing something if the process is dreadful?  The journey will last much longer than the end.  If we do not have "ENTHUSIASM" for the fight - if "getting there" makes us  miserable - then there is no real payoff anyway."

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hmm... I continue reading and my dogs are super happy in the backyard chasing some crazy squirrel.  "That's not to say every moment of the journey will be joyful."  (REALITY CHECK!)  "No.  Of course not.  It will be HARD and BORING and FRUSTRATING.  But the question is:  Are you able to attack it with enthusiasm?  Are you joyful for the opportunity to attack?"

Alright Jason.  If you're asking - ABSOLUTELY!   Again I feel like Jason is speaking to me this morning.  The caffeine continues to get my wheels moving.   Jason shares his wise strategy with a phrase he picked up from NBA Hall of Famer Chris Bosh who used this concept when playing some pretty fierce NBA finals and then when life happend and he had to manage some serious critical medical issues which resulted in having to say goodbye to his career.    Chris Bosh attacks it all with enthusiasm which is what keeps him going.  Coffee helps of course, but your intrinsic core of energy - it has to be enthusiasm.  There's no other way!  

Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch!