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Self-Care from Leading Korean Experts

Basia Skudrzyk

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Due to the nature of our busy lives, taking a break to look after yourself might sometimes feel like a luxury. We often believe that pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion will lead to a bigger reward. But is that really the case?

Some people practice the 10 step South Korean skin care regimen religiously, but some people may not have the time. There are so many proven beauty products and beauty rituals that we just can’t get enough of from South Korea. With innovative products like BB cream, essence, and sheet masks, can you blame us? To add to this obsession,  some secret beauty trades have been shared that only Korean women know: 


1. Double Cleanse 2x Day –  Why? This removes both oil-based and water-based impurities in the first step of beauty care in the morning and evening. First, apply an oil cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and any other findings from your skin. Follow it up with a water-based cleanser to get rid of sweat and dirt. Here is a full guide to double cleaning if you want the step by step instructions. 

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2. Essence is the core of skincare treatment in Korea – Use the essence after your toner and before any serums. Essence is an elixir that is concentrated and leaves your skin with an extra layer of hydration and feeling beautiful. 


3. Sunscreen is a necessity for your skin – This means not only when the sun comes out. It should be part of your daily skincare routine. Korean women start preventive skincare measures at a very young age by using sunscreen. They know what sun damage means and do whatever possible to prevent wrinkles and aging from UV rays. 

4. Beauty sheets masks - Meet your skin’s new BFF. You’ll notice a more radiant and rested complexion and you skin will appear plump and smooth. Beauty sheet masks are the sure way to keep your face glowing by doing consistent facials at home. Sheet masks are fuss-free and are soaked in authentic S. Korean serums and essence. You can purchase them individually and require zero rinsing. 

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5. Exfoliate. This will ensure soft skin on your face. It’s the top of the list of important steps in caring for the skin. This process removes dead skin cell buildup from your face’s surface and makes it easier for lotions to do their job. Your skin will feel more radiant and feel softer than before! 

6. Toners are essential with moisture prep - Toners don’t just remove the dirt from cleansing. Toners balance the skin’s natural pH level which allow you to prep your skin for moisture.  And while there is still much debate over whether or not toner is a necessary step in Western skin care practices, it still remains a vital part of the 10 step Korean skin care routine.

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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. ” – Oscar Wilde