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It All Starts With the Dream

Basia Skudrzyk

· leadership,opportunity,mindset,dreams,goals

Dreaming involves holding tight to a vision of a better life, one of success and one of fulfillment.
While getting there may be difficult, having to deal with challenges along the way, the end result will demonstrate that the effort was well worth it. Anyone who’s achieved a big goal knows just how true that statement is. 

We all dream differently. It’s easy to sometimes forget about dreams as we continue to juggle the constraints of life and obligations. Did we ever think there would be an I-phone or an Android around twenty years ago? It all started with a dream, with a vision.

Being a starry-eyed dreamer isn’t about giving up. Dreaming often and dreaming big actually provides us with a platform for growth and success and the motivation to get us there.  

It all starts with the dream. 

Children dream big. It’s part of their genetic fiber. They never think small because they aren’t hindered by the standard limitations that hold adults back. If you ask a child what she wants for Christmas, she might say, “I want two swimming pools! One in the backyard, and one in the front.” 

While it’s easy to dismiss a child’s dreams as being silly or unrealistic, are they really? Just because something goes against the grain, or runs in the opposite direction of societal norms, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. 

We can all use a bit of childlike amusement in ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

What typically distracts us from our dreams are ourselves.  We can be our own worst enemies in so many instances, especially when we don’t believe wholeheartedly in ourselves or we listen to people who make us feel as such. 

Thoughts are things. 

No words have been truer. If you’re a dreamer, dream big and see those dreams as clearly and vividly as the light of day. Write them out in great detail. If you don't have a dream yet, develop five goals you want to achieve and write them down each and every day until you achieve them. If you achieve them develop a new goal so that you have a top five list with you each and every day. Don’t allow other people to discourage you just because your dreams are big.

Take two people who go to the same party. One person is focused on a couple arguing constantly in the corner, bickering endlessly. He says that the party was awful because all he saw were people arguing. Another person goes to the same party, dances, laughs, meets great new people she would call friends, and goes home, eventually telling everyone she had one of the best nights of her life. 

So whats eparates these two people? 

Focus. Focus is everything. 

What you focus on, you get more of. No matter what it is we’re talking about in life, if you focus on it, you’ll get more of it. When professional race car drivers are taught about steering out of trouble, they’re taught vehemently about focus and where their eyes and head need to be looking. Because
that’s where your car will be going. 

If you spin out of control and you focus on the wall, worried, praying, and fearing you might hit, you’ll hit it. Why? You focused on it. 

Similarly, people who dream big are focused on those dreams. They live and breathe those dreams. They have wild-eyed fantasies about those dreams coming to fruition. And, if they don’t give up, those dreams do come true because they focused on them. They steered towards them, even in the difficult times when it seemed like they were just going to crash and burn. 

Of course, nothing worthwhile will ever come easy, but focus and discipline are key reasons why
some big dreamers are able to achieve outlandish results. Even with all the naysayers and negativity that surrounds them, they push through. But it’s those lofty dreams that help them to move past the potential fear of failure and stumbling blocks along the way. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big, because it will alter your focus. It will help to adjust your way of thinking to push you forward rather than hold you back. Ignore the naysayers. There will always be naysayers. Dream big and don’t be afraid to chase those dreams. 

I know, I know, believe me I know... Failure is painful. I’ve been there too many times. But those
failures have served me rather than hindered me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but those failures actually benefited me in the long run. I grew mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and removed the negativity that surrounded me and made me focus on. I experienced physical and emotional pain, but came out metaphysically ahead. 

There’s something about failure that does such a number on us that it’s really impossible to see the forest through the trees when we’re going through it. When we’re in the midst of that pain, we could care less about how it’s going to supposedly improve our lives in the long term. But it does. And as a
dreamer, you’ve likely failed, and you’ll likely fail some more. But that’s part of the process.

Failure breeds the skills that are necessary for success in the long term, and not just the short-lived kind that we can experience with momentary (but quickly fleeting) feelings of bliss. Failure opens our eyes and gives us room to pause and make the necessary changes to achieve our dreams.

Don’t be afraid to dream just because you might fail, it will help build character and give you the tools to succeed in the long term. The right people come into your life when these synergies come together.

While you might not think that dreamers are effective time managers, the ones that are serious about achieving their dreams most certainly are. If you can effectively manage your time, there’s no limitations to what you can achieve. But, if you’re likely to get sidetracked often, then achieving your dreams might be a little bit more arduous or strenuous. 

Time management is definitely a skill that’s necessary for people who are serious about their dreams. Because, even if you can vividly imagine those dreams and what your life would be like if they were to be fulfilled, making them into a reality is far more difficult without taking constant action amidst the
framework of an effective time-management system. 

Time is our most precious resource. We all have the same amount of it. Just 24 hours in a day. No one gets more time than the other person, so it’s essentially life’s greatest equalizer. But, what differs is just how we use the precious little time that we do have. Do we waste it away? Or, do we leverage it, properly using it to achieve our dreams? 

As a dreamer, you ignore the word impossible. In fact, the word impossible simply
says to you — I’m Possible. 

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