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Human Design Gives Purpose

Basia Skudrzyk

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As humans, we seek love, compassion, and grace - spiritual attainments that we have valued for many centuries. Human nature does not distinguish between spirituality and psychology. They are rooted in our consciousness where all of our expereinces are created.

Resilience is a great example of a spirtual quality. It can be compared to flexibility and not being stuck or rigid. In Buddhism, resilience is defined by a very simple image like the one below: A storm with the grass bending as the wind tries to pass through.

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If we associate this message on human terms, resilience may feel like being open, accepted, empathetic, self-reliant, not being fearful, and living in the present moment. As humans, we can feel the opposite when the wind settles in and we don't feel like we can bend. This results in being close-minded, insecure, feeding into the burden of the past, resistant and separating from other people; creating isolation and fear.

People who display resilience have the same challenges in their lives that happen to everyone. The difference is that they bounce back instead of being marked by a lasting wound or trauma. The more resilient we are, the better our life will turn out compared to someone who carries around the
burden of the past. 

Why is resilience a spiritual quality? The answer can be found in the Sanskrit word, "Samskara." Samskara is a mark left by karma, and everyone carries around such marks. They even have a genetic equivalent in markers that experience leaves in the eipgene that surrounds our sheath of proteins in our DNA. The obstacles we face on our spiritual paths are the result of the samskaras that block the way or pull us in an unfavorable direction.

If we had to fight against our samskaras, we would find ourselves in a continuous loop. Every struggle we encounter adds to the new markings and new samskaras. The way out is to go beyond the struggle. Our pure awareness that exists is untouched samskara. Love, intelligence, compassion, creativity, bliss, and the potential for inner growth are par of our design as humans. They occur when we experience higher values that we label as spiritual. If we did not have spirituality, live would be meaningless.

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Human design gives everyone purpose. Once we accept that life is not perfect, samskaras come and go. If you were born with great musical or mathematicaltalent, you can thank your samskaras. Think of samskaras like recordkeepers.  Thanks to samskara, you learned how to read as a child, and you still know how to read. You didn’t have to relearn the same skill over and over. 

As humans, we are caught between two forces. One forces pulls us back to the past (samskara) and the other can pull towards possibilities which we can refer to as evolution. We stand at this junction of the two forces. If we conciously turn away from the pull of the past in order to embrace the infinite potential that lies within us, we have something really good going on. Resilience is the attitude of creative evolution.

People may think that being stuck requires no effort, but I would like to challenge this effort. When we give into routine, habits and processes that are "that's how it's always been," it becomes self-defeating which then transfers into more problems and energy and time being depleted.

Resilience increases our energy and creates our potential. This starts by having a vision and rejecting any sign of being stuck. We have to cultivate an open state of awareness. Meditation is a great aid, but we can learn by centering ourselves when we experience stress and distraction.

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One step leads to the next step. This is a process that unfolds according to our concious intentions. Change is constant. The direction of change is up to us. Having a resilient attitude allows us to create energy for positive change that also enhances our surroundings and evolution. Pope John Paul II had an inspirational quote, "Never ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be Not Afraid."