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Coaches' Corner

Basia Skudrzyk

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Working out? Yes…maybe…hmmm…occasionally? Hell no!... Well, for me, it’s been up and down. Peloton has been awesome. I may get a few at home yoga sets in. Ben Alldis– shout out to you as you are definitely a fantastic and motivational virtual instructor who transfers your energy to keep cycling through the best playlists ever! British accents aside, it’s certainly important to incorporate a physical activity to stay healthy and build resistance. Now… how about “working in?”

What’s the difference between these two routines? It doesn’t mean working in those extra glasses of wine or whatever your treat may be. Sorry to break it to you, but please keep reading :)

Chris Hauth and Caroline Burkcle were recently interviewed by Rich Roll during an energetic roundtable discussion. A fantastic podcast on how to bring purpose and intention to our strength and endurance goals. Chris and Caroline are exceptional Olympian athletes that share authentic wisdom during turbulent times where we are definitely seeking consistency and balance. We also want to feel good too! How?

Caroline Burkcle is a former swimmer & Olympic medalist with 23 All American titles, 2 NCAA individual victories & NCAA Female Swimmer of the Year accolades to her name. She runs RISE, a mentor program that pairs Olympic athletes with young elite athletes for support and guidance. Yes, she would definitely kick my ass in cycling on the Peloton with Ben.

Chris Hauth is a sub-9 hour Ironman champion, a former Olympic Swimmer, a veteran of many ultra-endurance challenges, and one of the world’s most respected endurance coaches.

So what’s the main takeaway today? Creating opportunities for personal growth, resilience, and the adaptability that athletic performance and this pandemic present and demand. It’s about creating self-curated adventures in lieu of formal competition. Which sports can teach us patience, self-love, and discipline?

How can we show up not only doing the physical work but also the internal work?

“You don’t always need a finish line. Sometimes you just need the time in nature and the growth that follows.” – Chris Hauth

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