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Why is DEI Important?

Basia Skudrzyk, MBA

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Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a long term commitment and proce

P2P is at the center of experiential learning, training, coaching & consulting.   We are the Michelin standard for high-quality training, coaching and consulting to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and universities around the world.  Led by Dr. Stanley Andrisse and Basia Skudrzyk, our work is based on hard data, and our solutions are customized for a company’s specific culture and needs assessment. This is because we must first understand the culture before we can address DEI in an organization. 

As our world continues to be more interconnected and reliant on a broad spectrum of clients and partners for business, developing the right leaders, with the capabilities to improve work performance and drive sustainable growth is critical. 

P2P Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement 

P2P is committed to the importance of increasing equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging – both within our own organization and among the educational and corporate communities we partner with. It is our goal to provide leaders and educators with resources that help foster diverse and inclusive environments. We aim to facilitate continued learning and to encourage valuable networking opportunities. 

P2P is dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices and providing intersectional education that is transformative. P2P trains, educates, and inspires a new generation of leaders, communities, and organizations.  

P2P recognizes all people have experienced various traumas and violence throughout their lives, including intergenerational and historical trauma, and that directly impacted voices must be the foundation of P2P's mission in order to increase equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Some of our most popular online offerings include:  

Inclusive Remote Communications  

Inclusive Culture Building for Distributed Teams  

Ally Skills 

Managing Remote Teams  

Women & Intersectionality in the Workplace  

Inclusive Leadership 

For more information on how to inquire about our consulting services, please visit this website.